The restoration of unity between the genders

We attempt here a preliminary approach towards a multi-faceted subject of great significance. The relationship between the genders is something that can be studied at many levels – within human psychology, in History, in our individual and collective consciousness, in religion, in our love life etc. It is, moreover, a central question in our attempt to know ourselves. Below we provide a first overview of the situation regarding the genders on the planet today, as we perceive it, as well as a few introductory remarks on how the Work addresses this crucial issue.

By E.M.

Discrimination based on gender within the human consciousness is a situation that defines all human societies across the globe. As the primary division between humans, it remains an open wound for humanity, both in the East and in the West, regardless of religious or institutional framework, financial, social or educational status. Women all over the planet suffer under patriarchy – and with them, the entirety of the human being suffers as well.

The struggle for equality between the genders began in the mid-19th century. In the western world, many achievements have been won in this direction. Laws have been established to safeguard women’s rights in the workplace, at home, within the wedding, in the political arena, in the self-determination of one’s body (abortion), etc. However, the division between genders is firmly rooted; it will need much more struggle and work at both the individual and the collective level until women and men reach the point where they regard themselves as two different but simultaneously fully equal facets of the human being, and where they will be able to relate in this way.

In modern and post-modern societies, women still silently tolerate domestic violence as a hidden reality, which they are too ashamed or afraid to reveal. When crimes are committed by fathers, husbands, lovers or brothers against women, they are still being labeled as crimes of passion or of honor, or as lack of control, and not as what they really are: femicide.

Women are registered in our consciousness as sexually guilty until proven otherwise. If a woman is raped, she will be asked what she was wearing and if she provoked the perpetrator through her behavior. The raped woman bears a stigma, and thus many do not report that they have been sexually abused. Besides, women are widely being regarded as a sexual object – indeed, quite a few products are being marketed by flaunting abused women. Moreover, the Internet is full of personal erotic encounters of women that have been uploaded against their will – many young women reach the point of taking their own lives due to this vilification. Women are being sold as sex slaves or are forced to become sex workers, experiencing huge difficulties in escaping from the trafficking rings that thrive globally.

On the other hand, women are being trained to be attractive to men, and men are trained to prefer specific feminine role models. A woman’s appearance defines her life to an extent so binding, that she wastes huge amounts of money, energy and time to be attractive. Even very young women are now conducting cosmetic surgeries.

Regarding the public sphere, thankfully the time when women were confined within the household have passed in the western world. However, in the political and business world, the dominant positions are still held mostly by men. The glass ceiling is very much alive. Even today, women accept being paid less by men for providing the same services, or working more hours with the same or even a lower salary. Finding a job can be a much more challenging task for women, who often have to face sexual harassment as well, the scale of which came to surface in October 2017 through the #MeToo movement.

Finally, the most radical devaluation of woman is that she is excluded from the divine. In the holy scriptures and in all major religions, in East and West, women are found outside the divine “throne”. Women cannot officiate for the past 2,000 years, and this is only now gradually beginning to change, through institutional reforms or otherwise.

It is very important for us to clarify that the deification of the human being concerns both men and women, equally and without any distinction whatsoever. However, as long as God remains male, women will always be regarded as inferior to men. The human being has throughout history reflected the state of its own consciousness to the “heavens”. Thus, within the thousands of years of patriarchy, humanity either expelled fully the female facet from the divine in monotheistic religions, or it has downplayed it in Eastern spirituality. Therefore, it is a necessity of our time that the feminine side is restored in two ways: in human societies, through a complete spiritual and religious equality between men and women, and in divinity itself through the revelation of the truth regarding the Father-Mother, or Mother-Father, God, and of the incarnated Logos as Son-Mother.

Ioannis, as the one responsible for restoring all things, could not but fully engage this significant issue. Indeed, Ioannis proclaimed in fiery words the neutrality of God and that God can be expressed by both men and women, declaring that the Word-Logos was incarnated not only to Jesus, but also to Mary – who, according to many Christian saints, was resurrected from the dead. At the same time, he proclaimed that the Era of the Mother has come, showing in 1981 Anastasia – 18 years old at the time – as the ordained woman who would first present on Earth the Mother, the neutral Word-God through a feminine body. The first expression of the Logos on Earth in the new era happened almost simultaneously by a man and by a woman, and therefore in 1981 the work of restoring the feminine side, both on earth and in the heavens, commenced.

Today, in the period of the Logos’ second presence, both women and men are being trained directly by the Logos to present unity with it. We, the disciples of this Work, are working to bring this forth both externally and internally, through active prayer. We bless and intervene in the inner qualities that create, reproduce and maintain discriminations based on gender within the human consciousness. We transubstantiate every established idea and perception that entraps and confines the relations between the genders. We disintegrate every attitude that fuels and gives rise to divisions between women and men. We shed within the collective consciousness, and in the mental and emotional planes, the divine truth of gender unity and equality at all levels. We create and shed the new attitude, which recognizes women and men as the equal facets of the One United Human, both of which can reveal equally and with the same potential the Word-Logos.

All these transformations that we perform in the inner planes, we also shed on the physical plane, as ideas, energetical and psychological strengthening, and as protection towards those parts of the Human Being who are already working on the physical world towards the direction of eradicating inequality, as well as to relevant groups, organisations and communities.

We perform these spiritual interventions within both genders, since we believe that both are equally responsible for the devaluation of women. We believe that men devalue women, and women devalue women equally, having integrated within their very own identity this devaluation.

When the unity between the genders will have been restored, women and men will be equated at levels of being: ontologically, sociologically, politically, financially, religiously… The distinct, coerced roles will cease and the genders will be unshackled by the equally unnatural positions of one being inferior and the other superior. This is a prerequisite for the advent of the luminous world for which we are working, as well as a desire of every human soul that is struggling for freedom.

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