Union with the Logos and with humans

The union with the Logos is the primary element of our path. What this Work shows through its teachings is that union with the Logos is feasible for every human and that it takes part in each person separately.

Anastasia 1

(…) the Logos will be incarnated in the entire humanity, to that humanity that will become in tune with the vibrations of the divine Word. The beloved Teacher will be expressed through thousands of individuals. (…)

Ioannis 2

The era in which you live in, my beloved, is the era which calls for your activation, the era that brings forth the gifts of the spirit in all humans that turn towards real and selfless seeking. It is an era that offers lavishly, because the maturation of the human consciousness has reached a point where humans can experience their godhood, can turn themselves towards union with God and the expression of the Logos Son Mother, can realize the aspects of the Neutral Logos and can reveal themselves as the human god.

Anastasia 3

(…) It is Christ that guides us (…) our Work is a Work of offering, we do not ask for anything and will not receive anything from anyone

(…) Whoever seeks material gains must consider themselves directly far from grace and the Work.

Ioannis 4

What you up until now conceived as manifestations of God, today you are called to conceived as manifestations of godhood within you.

Anastasia 5

Pay attention to realizing the shortages and deficiencies in the way you unite with me – and those you can realize only in the face of other humans. There is no other way to realize your shortages and deficiencies but through your contact with humans.

Anastasia 6

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