The new cosmic period

We are told that the Great Zodiac Cycle (which Plato called “The Great Year”, in contrast to the year of the human life) lasts for approximately 26,000 years. Therefore, each of the 12 zodiacs lasts, in turn,for about 2,150 years. In fact, each zodiac is an entire era, in which new facets of the human consciousness are developed throughout the world, hence we can call these zodiac-eras “cosmic periods”. In each such period, the energies which enter our planet are very different and their effects in our consciousness bring forth great changes. After the period of Pisces, in the beginning of which the Word was incarnated with the aim to bring forth the deification of the human being – as was stated unanimously by all Christian Fathers -, the cosmic period of Aquarius puts at the center of consciousness the appearance of the human being who knows and expresses its unity with the Word, struggling through it to change the world. The following have been given as teachings by the Word-Logos regarding the times we now live in, of the transitional period between the two cosmic periods.

(…) it is vital, at this point in which you and the entire planet are at the moment, to be able to accomplish your union with me in practice instead of simply pondering about it. And this is because the vibration of Earth is changing permanently!

The transitional period between the two cosmic periods of Pisces and Aquarius, i.e. the period of karmic purging, is reaching its end, and the condition of the new cosmic period and the vibration this brings start to be activated. Therefore, the training offered by the Second Coming, the Work which dawns my presence inside humans, is gaining strength. My vibration is strengthened on the planet, as well as inside of you, and inside every consciousness that provides space for the expression of light and love. (…)

It is natural that the intensification of my vibration creates of series of upheavals, which may appear as strife and disharmony, but which essentially leads you to a new evaluation of your lives. I bless you and create inside of you the potential to perceive this new evaluation to which you are called, so that you take steps towards life and love, so that you feel the divine reality of the co-existence between human and God inside of you, and to seek its expression from within you.

My revelation for the years to come is the revelation of your own Self! This is the central point of everything, around which every event on the planet revolves. The central point to which you are called to pay attention is your own revelation, the revelation of your Self who is united with me. The revelation of the One, True Self, whom your have forgotten, and who you are called to remember again. All conditions have been prepared for you to remember.

I repeat: all of the spiritual laws on the planet concentrate to bring forth your awakening! As long as you try to face events around you without giving priority to your awakening, nothing is going to change, because change will not come from outside you, but from within you. Your change is the union with Me! When the number of people who experience this union grows, the outer reality will correspondingly change and new roads will open in every level of your life, and new ideas and systems will flow.

– Excerpt from Anastasia Pappa’s book “In the luminescence of the Human Being…”, p. 163-164

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