The deification of the human being

The capstone of the teaching that Ioannis presented is the ability of the human being to reach the theosis, its deification, the absolute unity and identification with God – but beyond and above the teaching, he was himself the realization of the theosis. Below we present a few characteristic excerpts of the Work’s books that regard the divinization of the human being.

The beginning of the road towards the theosis is the conscious faith that this can be achieved, the awareness that it is feasible, and the identification with this goal, even passively. The end of the road is your complete identification with the omnipresence of form and formless, and your creative manifestation as exhalation, inhalation and pause. 1

Retain as a principle in your entire path the certainty of your deification. Do not succumb to arrogance, but neither to false humility: stay only in the certainty that I give you, that you are god and that you can express your godhood. Because if you do not have this certainty, you are not going to express it; if you don’t have this thought in your mind, you will not reach it. If you don’t believe you are god, you will never act like god. 2

(…) you will become god through the small and insignificant things, through the small conditions of everyday life; you will become god by giving all you have, a god in training. Always, at all stages of realization of your godhood, you will give as much realization as you have attained, as much godhood as you have reached within you. If you don’t express the godhood that you have reached, you will not open up to gain more parts of it, you will not be able to reach it completely. If you wait to gather knowledge, to gather experience and then, suddenly, to express yourself as god in just one moment, you are completely mistaken.

Perpetual will your manifestation be, perpetual also your training. How can you be taught to become god when you gather without giving? This is completely against the pulse of Creation. It is your offering that deifies you.

(…) As long as you gather, you bind yourself. You bind yourself within your urge to absorb. As long as you offer, you liberate yourself. You are liberated within infinity. This is a law of Creation: your possessions possess you, the things you keep as your own bind you, whatever you acquire becomes a burden of decay. Nothing must be yours, so that you may have everything. You must own nothing in order to be present everywhere. 3

I call you to sacrifice yourself together with me for the christofication of the human being. I call you first to dare to crucify your human part and to give birth to the Logos (…) I call you first to embrace every other part of your Self, whichever way it is expressed, and to become Life. Can you give your spark, the spark that nourishes you, to a human that doesn’t have one, to a human that covered it so much that it has been extinguished? This is what I ask of you. To give your life, to give that which is your greatest need. Because only then will you get to know it. 4

That is why, o human, if you see that you possess something more than the other, if you see that your height is somewhat higher and your sophistication greater, know your responsibility and give those to your Self, so that you restore harmony. Otherwise you cannot become god. Nobody will be deified on their own, stranded inside the limitations of the body and the personality. This is what you tried to do during your first manifestation, and that is why you followed the path of the fall, in order to be taught through experience the necessity of unity. Now that the cycle of experience has closed, don’t commit again, as a conscious and active god, the same mistake (…) 5

The lessons taught are constant and the active expression of godhood happens in earthly life, in its adversities, in its obstacles, contradictions and conflicts. God does not mature in harmony but in disharmony, because there it indicates that it is love. 6

(…) you are awakened through the everyday life, and it is in the everyday life that you are deified, meaning that you become one with me, the one Logos, and you express your Self by using the shackles of everyday life as a propeller for elevation, by perceiving the shackles through your spiritual vision and through the spiritual condition of your uplifted consciousness. Through that consciousness that was born from above, within the font which transubstantiates all beings, within the font of the presence of the One Logos, that exists inside of you. 7

Realize the feasibility of your deification, that you are able to express your theosis through your form and material body. Deification is not something far-away and unattainable; it is the everyday living of the truth, the everyday attainment of the truth. The human being will not be deified through obscure and difficult ways; it will be deified through the simple, practical everyday life, which will be transformed through the diffusion of love and the expression of unity. 8

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