On Covid-19


The direct lesson

For the past 15 years at the least, scientists have been warning that the two greatest threats humanity faces are climate change and the emergence of new contagious diseases.

Up until now, our societies have largely ignored those warnings.

We hope that the advent of Covid-19, and the heavy price it brings, will change this.

We deem that three things have now become immediately apparent:

* We cannot maintain the relentless destruction of the natural environment through the unchecked expansion of agriculture, livestock, mining etc. This reduces significantly the available space for wild animals and “crams” them in small patches of land, where the spread of disease amongst them is enhanced, as well as the subsequent mutation of viruses, which can afterwards be spread to humans. Likewise, for obvious reasons, the existence of markets where wild animals are being sold cannot continue.

* We cannot maintain the suffocating conditions of breeding billions of animals in confinement. There, as scientists have been warning for a long time, the possibility of the emergence of even deadlier diseases than Covid-19 increases exponentially daily. Hence, we cannot maintain the relentless consumption of animals.

* We cannot maintain policies which degrade public health services in favor of the private sector. Health services are a good that should be available to every person, with no distinction whatsoever, not only to the affluent ones; and they should be constantly improved.

We believe that, if we now receive all the lessons that stem from this experience and change the aforementioned, we will have done collectively a step towards greater maturity – despite the sad ascertainment that this will have taken place through great pain.

The greater picture

However, the above are not isolated practices that can be changed without wider rearrangements.

They are expressions of a broader political, social and economic reality, which is now being shaken to its core.

Behind the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, which is largely done in order to create pastures for cattle, lies not a sinister conscious choice to destroy the planet, but rather the desire to maximize the profits of companies, whose executives are legally bound to work in order to provide the highest possible dividend to their shareholders. The same applies in the privatization advances in the fields of health and education.

Behind a company’s potential to work towards this destruction unhindered, lies a government which creates a regulatory framework that allows, and even promotes it, a government that perceives growth in its GDP as the most important indicator of well-being in the country, despite the fact that this growth may very well arise from a destruction of the important factors leading to well-being.

Behind this government lies an electoral body which in many occasions is indifferent towards the common good and cares primarily for its own self-interest, and mostly for its own financial security.

Behind all these lie very specific ways of perceiving reality. One is viewing things solely through the financial lenses, i.e. relating to the world exclusively in financial terms. In this way of thinking, if something does not possess financial value, it does not possess any value… We also find the attitude that we can do whatever we want on this planet, disregarding completely the direct or indirect consequences of our actions, or simply not caring about those. Since those two attitudes permeate all the above, we reach the conclusion that the state of consciousness of the average human individual is the critical factor that dictates developments. And this is what first and foremost needs to change.

We believe that this change is currently ripe. Things, of course, do not change from one moment to the other. However, they do change, and they will unavoidably and causally do so as the impact of Covid-19 continues to unfurl. As a result, many of the social, financial, political and psychological parameters of our complicated reality will be shaken.

A part of the old world is being demolished, and humanity has the potential to make a new choice, which will markedly define the decades that follow.

The crossroads and the new world

We believe that we find ourselves, abruptly although we were expecting this for a long time, in a very hard crossroads.

A great dilemma that is now staring right into our eyes is whether we will choose national retrenchment or global cooperation.

As the crisis unfurls, we see the countries of this world selecting both. But we wish to believe that, under the pressure of reality, the choice of cooperation will prevail – at least in the long-term, if not sooner.

We also see that we will have to be prepared in a much better way institutionally for the coming years, during which natural disasters and their repercussions (spread of infectious diseases, huge migratory waves, financial crises, to name but a few) will most probably be increased due to climate change.

Hence, Covid-19 brings to the surface the structural problems of the global system, for instance in the globalized production and distribution of food, which need to be addressed in the face of climate change.

Cooperation is the only efficient way to address the interlinked global crises, which are only now starting to appear.

This is because we do not have the luxury to continue dealing with global problems through exclusively national policies. We deem that we need to simultaneously reinforce and amend the role of the United Nations; we need literally to restructure it as a new supranational institution of global cooperation, which will function as a Democratic Amphictyonic League, in which everyone will have an equal voice and we will all shape together our common path towards the future, putting an end to the Security Council’s domination by five big powers, as is being done now.

The immediate targets, which we believe most people on the planet can now easily understand and espouse are the following:

* Ending all conflicts on the planet.

* Providing assistance and care for the development of the countries from which massive migratory waves stem.

* Protecting children around the world.

* Eradicating poverty, providing a basic universal income, education, health, access to water, food, housing and opportunities for all.

The second crossroads for humanity is whether the crisis will lead to greater authoritarianism or to the regeneration of civil society, particularly since there is a clear danger that the measures being taken now may last for a long period.

We want to believe that the peoples of this world will not accept such a prospect, and that any government which will attempt to take advantage of the crisis to enforce more authoritative governance will find itself facing their own society or a united coalition of countries against authoritarianism.

Finally, there is yet another crossroads before us: whether we will attempt to continue living our daily lives as we did in the past or whether we will seek a new way of life.

Regarding this, we believe that as a part of the old world will be demolished through the fluctuation we are currently facing, it will give its part to a brighter reality.

That it will become widely understood that the old life is inappropriate, and hence we will not wish to return to it.

That the necessity for cooperation in addressing the pandemic will be spread to the other major problems humanity faces, for instance the fact that 5 million children are dying from malnutrition-related causes each year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

That, realizing that Covid-19 is deadly mostly for people with underlying health problems, we will put more emphasis on prevention and creating a public health system that is accessible to everyone.

That, realizing how vulnerable some specific groups of people are against the pandemic and its repercussions (the homeless, refugees, incarcerated, unemployed), we will work with greater strength for the extinction of the causes leading to the creation of such groups.

That we will take care of each other much more than we will antagonize each other.

That the disruption of the system offers the possibility to adopt policies, such as a universal basic income for all, which only two months ago seemed politically impossible.

That the pause we are witnessing will offer us time for recollection, at the individual and the collective level, and time to the natural systems of this world to recuperate.

That the bodily distance which we have to retain during this period will make us come closer together emotionally and to appreciate the warmth of a hug.

For all these, we are working and calling on cooperation.

A call to spiritual workers

There is lots of work to be done, for all the above.

We call all spiritual workers on Earth to become active this period, towards the direction of increased unity, global cooperation and the awakening of humanity, so that we may assimilate with as little trials and tribulations as possible the lessons needed for our collective coming-of-age.

At this moment, the energy of everyone is needed to support humanity and each other, so that we may attain an evolutionary leap of consciousness, i.e. towards the way we relate to one another, and to this planet. Every prayer towards this direction helps considerably.

We all need to consciously activate our trust that we will manage to overcome and take advantage of this crisis, that we will learn what we must, and that through it, we will build a more humane world.

Let us not feed in the mental sphere the thought-forms of fear, or conspiracy theories,1 but let us rather proclaim the pulse of love, of awakening, and of trust to the divine will. Fear is the real virus, more contagious and more destructive than any coronavirus.

Let us not feed the thoughts that this is all taking place in order for a specific agenda to be enforced, but let us rather accept that the acceleration of the karmic law has taken place through the choices we have collectively made and that, hence, humanity has the responsibility but simultaneously the strength and maturity needed to deal with this situation with determination and bravery.

Let us be stable points of luminous composure within the collective consciousness, because in times of fluctuation everything comes strongly up in the surface, and we need to have such stable points of composure, which will not let fear and panic reign.

Let us ensure this period that the atmosphere of this planet will be elevated vibrationally through the expression of love, care, solidarity and trust, so that it comes into contact with the luminous energies and the structures of the new world that have already been created as egregores in the subtle world and await to be grounded.

Along with everyone who cares about humanity, we have the responsibility to transubstantiate within us everything that is not in accordance to this love, and to demonstrate in practice our interest and care for the planet and its kingdoms, shedding this transubstantiation in the collective consciousness and affecting our collective self to head towards this direction.

The restoration of all things

Since, in reality, we all express here on Earth the One Human, whose will and anguish is the restoration of all things within brotherhood, peace and love, we believe that those will be realized on Earth, sooner or later.

In this process, the hard lessons that we as humanity attract through our choice cannot be avoided. They can only be taken advantage of, so that they lead to maturity and realizations.

And they not only can, but should be taken advantage of, so that we avoid even worse, and may bring brotherhood/sisterhood on Earth as soon as possible.

We know that for this thousands of people around the world are working with their hearts.

Let us all then synchronize in this period, praying and working in the spiritual and in the material world, so that this awakening becomes a reality.

Addendum: We came across on the Internet a speech given by a scientist in 2008, in which he predicted the emergence of new pandemics, due to the horrible way through which we restrict the vital space of the animal kingdom and we farm animals in horrid conditions which favor the appearance of new viruses, in order to increase our evermore expanding desire for animal meat. We consider this speech of utmost importance, hence we include it here:


  1. Since a host of scenarios are circulating, saying that Covid-19 was consciously created in the lab in order to promote a specific agenda (and we have heard of many possible such agendas), we declare that we do not adopt at all this point of view – as also do not the scientists of our world. If the virus was created in the lab, then we may still continue living as we did in the past, since our way of life was not at all a cause of it – but, then, who benefits from this? We wonder: do we live all this time in a healthy environment, where there is no fertile ground for the development of contagious diseases, so that we need to look for its causes elsewhere? Or do we inhabit rebellious societies of revolutionaries which need to be curtailed collectively? We do not believe at all that some people wield so much power that they can predict and shape how a global pandemic scenario will unfold – because if someone has so much control, then they don’t need a virus in order to prevail; they already have…

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