My name is Human

I have many fathers.
I have many mothers,
and I have many sisters,
and I have many brothers.
My fathers are black
and my mothers are yellow
and my brothers are red
and my sisters are fair.
I’m more than 10.000 years old,
and my name is Human!
And I live off light,
and I live off the air,
and I live off love,
and I live off bread.
I have two eyes
and I can see everything.
I have two ears
and I can understand everything.

We have an enemy.
He takes our days,
he lives off our work,
and he lives off our strength.
He has two eyes,
and he doesn’t want to see.
And he has two ears
and doesn’t want to understand.

He’s more than 10.000 years old
and has many names.
I know, we’re gonna fight,
I know, we’re gonna win,
I know, we’re gonna live,
and we’re gonna love each other.
Planet Earth
is going to belong to all of us,
and everyone will have what they need.
It’s not gonna take another 10.000 years,
’cause the time is ripe.

– Song by the German rock band Ton Steine Scherben, 1971


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