Ioannis and the Work of the Mother-Logos

Ioannis presented the new revelation regarding the Logos, that it was always Son-Mother, despite the fact that it had been expressed only through a man during the first coming. Therefore, he declared in fiery words the divinity of the Mother, preparing the collective consciousness to accept and understand the Work that the Logos-Mother (or the Logos as Mother) would do in the new cosmic period. Humanity’s need to see the Word being expressed also through a woman had to be covered with the appearance of a woman who would express the Logos, and this emissary could not but appear next to Ioannis. We are talking about Anastasia. Since the truth regarding the Logos Mother was expressed and was sealed in the collective consciousness through Ioannis, the Mother could finally express her Self and start conducting a multi-faceted work through her emissary – these things the Logos clarifies through Anastasia in the excerpts that follow.

Inaugurating the new cosmic period, Ioannis presented the path of becoming Christ, walked this path and offered himself in all possible ways so that the vibration of christofication is diffused inside every human and on Earth. He became the messenger and the exemplar, he called various people and activated them externally and internally, he created, as the emissary of this Work, the necessary conditions in the laws of this planet for the revelation of the new phase in the divine plan. He spread in many ways the expression of this Work, along with a very important element: the inscription inside human consciousness of the divinity of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and therefore the inscription inside the consciousness of both sexes of women’s ability to express, exactly like men, unity and identification with the One Logos Christ. He also talked about the new speed which governs all of humanity from the moment of his presence and of the diffusion of the Holy Spirit on Earth.

Ioannis presented and completed, in a way, a part of the Work of the Second Coming. This does not mean that he didn’t fulfill his own Work! But the Work of the Second Coming is composed of many and different expressions, all of which lead to the same target: the christofication of the human being. These expressions are triggered one after the other, aiming to bring the human consciousness at the level of readiness needed to accept the message of christofication.

Therefore, Ioannis, completing his Work, created the foundation inside the human consciousness to accept the revelation of the Logos-Mother and to let it flow inside all parts of the human being. Thus, the Logos can now be expressed beyond the limitations which existed up until today in both men and women. The diffusion of Ioannis’ Wholeness created the framework through which the human being can now withstand a new velocity in its evolution.

(…) My expression as Teacher Mother brings on the planet a new velocity of energetic manifestation and activation of the Holy Spirit. This happens because the second phase of provisioning towards the human being from the Father-God is beginning, so that my presence is finally revealed as Son-Mother. Through this new stage of my manifestation towards you, you will gradually stop attributing gender characteristics to me, so that finally you will be able to stop attributing gender characteristics to the expression of God from within you.

Ioannis talked about and presented the new spiritual laws, which he was aware of as the first person who rose to the stage of realising the Neutral God and the union with it.

– Excerpt from Anastasia’s book “In the luminescence of the Human Being…”, p. 251


I have come to liberate you from the struggle of duality, from your internal dichotomy, from the situations that accumulate inside you without being resolved. I have come to free you! And this is possible, because only the complete manifestation of the Word as Son and Mother, which is being presented on Earth by a human being, can balance your inner condition. Only this can provide the appropriate vibration and quality so that the synthesis of your inner antitheses can begin, and therefore the path towards the complete unity of your self. I am your unity, o human, and this unity I have come to present!

– Excerpt from Anastasia’s book “A spiritual trilogy: The apprenticeship”, p. 74

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