A call to spiritual workers

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. (Matthew,9:37-38).

With the world being for the first time in a situation where our choices undermine the ability of this planet to host life, it is more urgent than ever before in the past for spiritual workers to appear. This Work is calling for people who are interested to be trained in the handling of the spiritual energies that come from above and learn how to channel them in the global affairs. For people who will learn to actively and effectively intervene through the power of blessing, via their union with the Logos-Christ, and thus get to know and express their own godhood in the process. This call comes directly from the Logos-Christ and is directed to all interested seekers, regardless of religions, in any part of the globe – what matters is the desire to offer to humanity, with no distinctions whatsoever. We provide here a relevant excerpt from a teaching by the Mother, as she is revealed on Earth by Anastasia.


The intervention through blessing and the need for spiritual workers

The current global situation shows that workers are needed! The human consciousness is struggling to rise to the new way of thought that has been opened in it. The path of return for the human consciousness has been opened, but currently only the first steps are being taken and the flow of things belonging in the old way of separation and decay is very strong.

There is, therefore, the need for those who recognize the unity of the Human Being, who embrace the function of love and the freedom of truth, to activate their inner potential, to unite it with other workers so that is is multiplied, and to offer it in the incarnated collective consciousness through active prayer guided by me. For the mercy of the Father-Mother God allows at this moment all humans on this planet who experience their unity with other humans and the Logos to intervene.

This right has been granted through my intervention as Mother Teacher, as the one who has the license from the Father-Mother God to change the way the human consciousness evolves. Therefore, with this license and authority given to me by the Father-Mother God of Love, I have opened the way of return for the human consciousness, continuing the Work that has been created by the presence of Ioannis. (…)

What I want to say to all of you my beloved, who are parts of the One Human, and particularly to those of you who are more aware parts of the One Human and have received grace and offerings, is that you have the capacity to be trained to help in a methodical way, vigorously and creatively, the collective consciousness to absorb the prayers and offerings of grace that have been given and have been diffused on the planet through the interventions that have taken place all these years through light workers.

But for this to happen, it needs systematic work on your behalf, it takes courage, boldness and outspokenness, it needs our union to expand even more. You are not called to throw away things you have learned, but to use them in a different way, with a deeper awareness, so that they will become part of your everyday life. So that they lead you to that level of openness of heart and mind that you will be able to receive from me all the ideas that you need to proceed with active interventions in the incarnated consciousness of the Human Being, in all parts of life.

Humanity needs to receive very specific qualities of transformation that will affect those humans who are more ready to receive them, so they can evolve faster and thus help build the critical mass needed to bring a true change in the vibration level of the planet.

The events on the planet are constantly charging it with disharmony and the flow of positive expression needs to be strengthened in the consciousness of the Human Being, so that this positive flow can be expressed, can prevail, can penetrate the hard wall of inertia, of the establishment and the status quo, to overturn the decisions which have been made on the course of things from those who decide for the global affairs of the planet up until today.

The situation has changed, I want you to know that. The path of the human consciousness towards light has been validated by the Father-Mother God, but it may take a long time until this is fully manifested on the planet. For this to be grounded, it needs support, workers, people who are dedicated and who, opening themselves to me, the Logos Mother, with the desire to be offered to the whole, will be guided to act based on the necessity of each moment.

– Anastasia, 21 November 2015

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