Violence & forgiveness

After living for thousands of years on this planet, we see that, apart from a few bright exceptions, our majority still lives within conflict, violence, lawlessness, with the intention to exploit others, and with a small or even non-existent awareness regarding the universal laws of the Whole.

Violence and wrong-doing are particularly widespread and mark our everyday lives, whether we live in the “developed” or the “developing” parts of the world. Even though steps towards a greater respect towards life have undoubtedly been taken over the years, there are still many things that need to change within all of us who are not in harmony with the direction of love and respect, but also in all of us who feel that in order to be saved from the abuse by “evil” people those need to be punished and isolated.

In the Work of love, we are taught how to expand our understanding and our heart, so that we may embrace all of the human conditions, the expression of the Human Being that we all are, without separation and aphorisms.

That is, we are trying to develop a sense of responsibility regarding the unlawful behavior of all humans on the planet, through realizing that we share the same qualities, since we are One Being. Whatever exists in all humans and is expressed by others, resides also in us, even if latently. Our aim is to recognize this union with each of our brother-sisters/selves, and offer whatever we can towards our common spiritual evolution.

But what happens when our brother-sister/self commits the most heinous crimes? Rapes, torture, disintegration of lives of humans and animals through wars, persecutions, and other similar things? How can we embrace them and discover their human qualities in us as well, so that we can provide them with understanding and forgiveness? And if we manage to provide those, how can this part of our One Self, our brother-sister, perceive the level of lack of respect and love that they have expressed, and thus be led to change?

To those questions – which are at the same a trial and a cause of deep agony to those who try to unite inside them the Whole Human and the infinity of its expressions – it is the divine Being that provides the answer: that force which not only knows how to love everyone, but provides that love as the major element needed for our inner restoration.

That same divine power which nurtures those of us who express love, also nurtures those of us who choose violence, or any other behavior that is not characterized by respect, love and care. The divine Being nurtures everything and is found in everything. It lies at the same time within the victim and the victimizer, to the ones who suffer and to those who cause the suffering. It is there, because it offers life to all, and is awaiting for everyone to follow their long path in the vast expanse of possible human conditions, collecting experience through which they will at some point choose their conscious restoration within love.

The divine essence does not separate itself. It sees and experiences itself within each human being. It sees itself also within that human who abuses and exerts authority, is unjust and unlawful. This does not mean, of course, that it approves all this behavior. It disapproves all actions which are damaging for humans, but it respects the right of free choice, and the necessity for the gaining of experience for the maturation of the human consciousness. This maturation may come through long and arduous paths.

God knows and understands that. It does not condemn people through punishment and retribution, because if a perpetrator is refuted through violence, anger and hatred, this is what he/she will receive inside of them, and therefore this is what they will again express, even more intensely.

The purpose is not for perpetrators to be humiliated through punishment and retribution of violence, but for them to be filled with love, because it is the only power that brings respect in us.

The cosmic laws make sure that we always reap what we sow. And in order for us to perceive the seriousness of our wrong-doings, many times stern warnings are needed, but those need to be offered through respect and love, as is requested by us, and as is requested by every perpetrator. This is the only way to feel that love offers us yet another opportunity, through forgiveness. Let us not forget that we have all needed this in our life, and we will always need it as long as we fall short from expressing our inherent unity.

This attitude towards those who have fallen at very low levels aids in the awakening of the divine Self within humans, in the deep opening of our heart and our consciousness, whether we are the ones who have fallen or those who offer their hand to lift up our fallen other. Thus,

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