Training in the diffusion of blessing

The Work is training the disciples of the Logos on how to utilize the grace that is been lavishly given from above, so that in parallel with their struggle for becoming like Christ they can, through their union with the Logos, intervene dynamically for events on Earth, with the aim of changing the world and strengthen the prevalence of the forces of solidarity, unity and brotherhood.

Our teachings speak about the distinctive training that the disciple of the Logos needs so that he/she can manage and shed effectively the divine grace through what in the Work is called “active prayer,” that is the conscious diffusion of blessing instead of simply asking things to be done through prayer; a process that needs strong love, but also wisdom.

The teachings underline that a significant part of this training revolves around the necessary changes that the disciple is called to do within him/her.

We would like to note here that the disciples of the Logos are called right from the beginning of the spiritual path to learn how to bless and actively pray. This process leads gradually to the expression of the Logos in full unity with the disciple and from within him/her, and therefore to theurgy: the manifestation of divinity through the human god on this planet.

We quote below an excerpt from Anastasia’s book “In the Luminescence of the Human Being”, p. 124, where the Logos gives relevant guidance.


To be able to actively pray, my beloved, is not that simple… To be able to express the creative force of our union based on truth is something that needs practice and training. And this is because your natural inclination is to focus on those events that activate emotions within you. However, it is necessary to expand, clean and lighten from all tension everything that touches you and activates you through emotional procedures, so that you are finally led to a more spherical and complete awareness that will allow you to communicate with your divine essence and call it to action.

So, the question asks itself: can you actively pray? And up until which point are you able to express the creative grace of your blessing?

My beloved disciples, you all have tested the power of your blessing in simple daily affairs and have ascertained how this active expression of your union works and intervenes in various situations and problems, transforming causes and effects and creating new flows within the laws. However, what is the potential of each one and up to which point can this be expanded? Where does the desire to act upon something come from? From your desire to act taking into consideration how the divine law is set or by ignoring it, and thereby lowering your potential? Could it be that what you are trying to change is an element that is necessary for the educational process of the human consciousness at its current stage?

To express oneself through theurgy and to become carrier of the divine will presupposes deep processes of cleansing and deep changes in one’s ideology. On the one hand, it is necessary to be informed and to have developed an opinion on a subject. A person cannot be expressed through theurgy, as the acting Logos, if they do not form an opinion on what they’re called to act upon. On the other hand, the person who conceives, processes and compares ideas regarding the need to intervene in worldly affairs and finally decides to do so, must be ready to accept that everything which took place within them was perhaps necessary for their own preparation so that they reach the point where the infinite wisdom of the Logos can reveal something completely different from what the human mind had conceived as necessary…

Therefore, the theurgist makes good use of everything the material and spiritual reality provide him, but at the exact moment when he is called to act, he surrenders everything to his divine being, where truth resides. He lets this truth be expressed with the ideas and actions that it chooses, the ones most appropriate and perfect for the particular condition, without being influenced by impressions and conclusions that have been formed by their intellect or their spiritual perception.

In order for this to happen, the human being clearly needs training. Therefore, it is beneficial to pursue your expression through active prayer, starting with those things that sensitize you so that you have the stimulus to approach them spherically. Because if you do not start with active expression, you will never reach theurgy and you will never taste its effects.

(…) There is a correspondence: what takes place externally also takes place internally. For everything that happens in the external reality there is correspondence to internal conditions of the human being.

So, when someone is being trained to act as the Logos, it is beneficial to first realize the correspondence of the situation for which he wants to act and start by restoring things in him. In that way, he will set straight any deficiencies, any prejudice, any established ideas that do not allow him to conceive the truth and to act effectively in the external condition. When someone has completed this inner restoration, we can surmise that a great step has been taken. The person’s conscious attitude and opinion have been changed through awareness, love and creative intervention within his own self. This change is not limited within one’s own self, but is also shed outwards, because it is real and substantial. It becomes the pathway through which this person can conceive and manifest the infinite ways of activating the creative divine intervention.

This active prayer will not then hit a wall, because the path of moving it within the collective consciousness has already been opened, through the attitude that the person actively praying has kept towards himself with the clarity of their honesty. Because the theurgist has recognized that he also is participating in the situation that synthesizes the whole of the Greek reality,1 he has transformed any spite within him, has restored things into harmony within himself, and has diffused this inner work to the whole as understanding and love.

In this way, the person who expresses God through honest humility, expressing truth and the guidance of the Father’s Will with the most perfect way that his potential allows, secures protection by the Logos regarding the assimilation of the energy burdens that he may receive from the theurgy, and secures that this theurgical intervention will be perfect and integrated seamlessly into the external reality. (…)

  1. This teaching was on how one can actively pray for Greece, but it of course applies to all places.

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