The inner life


You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’; but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew, 5:27-28)

* We must admit that by entering the spiritual path we do not immediately understand the immense significance of our inner life and the consequences it generates. Along with many other people, who have more or less the same perception, we are susceptible to believe that inside of us we can do whatever we want, that we exist there in the privileged place of “our inner freedom” and that our negative thoughts, imbued by corresponding emotions (which may evolve to scenarios that include violence, insults, contempt or mockery, elevating ourselves to something higher or superior to others etc.), can surge towards people or groups of people that we do not like.

Because it is hidden from the eyes of others, we have the capacity in our inner life to do whatever we want and what our imagination suggests and often we do so. So, it seems that the inner life can be richer and more intense than our external life, towards a positive or a negative direction. Consequently, the fruits it bears and their results from the “conflagration of thought” may be much stronger…

In any case, for the disciple of the Logos – to whom the Logos addresses the excerpts that follow – from a stage onward those results lead to “binding and fixation to matter and deception”. Here are the excerpts:

Any judgement, reproach, any reprehension you send in various ways towards your brother humans you will experience inside of you, internally, as your own condition, so that you are led gradually to understand that all the elements you perceive around you, which you feel the urge to judge or comment, exist inside of you in an inactive state and can be presented at any moment.

(…) At your current stage, your disharmonious thoughts are a significant imperfection, that can attract intense laws of teachings so that you are led to learn.

At previous stages, expressions in the world of matter would be needed for the laws to be manifested. Now that are entering stages of expressions of the Logos and you consciously ask and desire union and full identification with the Logos, your thoughts move the laws even before they are completed, and bear the same consequences as manifestation through actions.

(…) When you perceive that you have expressed thought or expressions of disharmony, transubstantiate them instantly through prayer; attract harmony and love and shed those towards all directions where you send vibrations of non-love, because otherwise the erroneous vibrations that you sent are ingrained in you and clog your conduits. They place obstacles in the conduits of your love and hinder you from attracting light, they hinder you from attracting energy, and you will find yourself with no energy, no life. Because you yourself, human, will have obstructed your conduits, by sending around you disharmonious waves.

(…) you will now understand absolutely the disastrous condition of the disharmony you shed, so that you become a conscious, always alert human, who chooses the vibrations sent and will flow as love, as offering, as light all the time, until you reach that point where the flow will come from inside you with no obstacles, because you will be identified with the Logos.1

That is why I connect you with those conditions, so that understanding the magnitude of the disharmony you cause in this way, you change and transubstantiate yourself.2

Check everything within you, the smallest movement of your mind and of your heart, the smallest movement of your consciousness, the smallest pulse that comes from you as energy from within your being (…). Do not allow sending of judgment, of careless comments, do not allow reprehension or contempt for any part of your Whole. That reprehension, that contempt, the careless sending of vibrations that are not based in love are your own fetters, your own fixation in matter and deception.3


* The disharmonious expressions of our inner life do not revolve magically only around ourselves and around those we send them to. They are also diffused and accumulate with similar energies that finally develop to giant thoughtforms that ought, as the law dictates, to be transubtantiated by ourselves, since we are the ones who gave birth to them. They attract their karmic restoration, and this creates a collective destiny. The responsibility of us all is great, hence the cleansing of the collective consciousness by these “disastrous conditions of the disharmony shed” by humans is found in the center of the struggle for humanity’s liberation, which is being waged by this Work with all its effort. Incidentally, we find from Morya that the Brotherhood of Light speaks on this issue in the same spirit:

Tell the new ones that the responsibility for thoughts has to be realized. Formerly, one was responsible for action; later the significance of the word was understood; and now it is time to know the conflagration of thought.

(…) Not only for its actions but also for its thinking does humanity accumulate a grave karma. Thought inflicts tortures on the spirit, for there is no difference between word and thought.4

Often people complain about the monotony of their external life. But any external life whatever depends upon the riches of the inner life. The external life is but a hundredth part of the inner. Therefore the inner life is the true one. (…) The inner life influences Karma a hundred times more. Examine any crime whatever, and it appears small in view of the inner preparation. How protracted is such preparation! 5

What monstrous thoughts are speeding through space! What engenderments are obscuring the Voice of Light! Humanity does not ponder upon the thought forms which man himself has to redeem. Space is impregnated by men’s thoughts, and everything is being correspondingly attracted. Consequently, the engenderments of thought spin the Karma of humanity (…). Thus, humanity must strive limitlessly to redeem itself. (…) The energy of the engenderments establishes each consequence in turn. Each monstrous thought brings to man pregnant defeat.6

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