The Beloved

You must know,
the Beloved you are seeking
is none other
than your own self.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (1207-1273) – Rumi lived in Konya, where he taught theology and founded the order of whirling dervishes Mevlana. He is considered one of the greatest mystics and poets of the divine love in Islam. The experience of abolishing all distance between man and God through love, which is so vibrant in Rumi, is also a central theme of the Work and was a primary characteristic of the presence, action and teaching of Ioannis. The current of mystical passivity, which offered humanity the beauty, the touching love and the service made by enlightened people like Rumi and others, gives now its place in this new cosmic period to the expression of unity with the Logos that Ioannis presented as blessing and theurgy for the elevation of all humanity.



Someone knocked on the door of a friend.
Who is it?, asked his friend.
It is I, he replied.
Go, said the friend.
There is no room for two “I”s in this home…

The friend left in sadness and for a whole year
was ravaged by the flame of separation.
When he matured, he returned
and knocked on his friend’s door
with much fear and much respect.

Who is it?, asked his friend.
It is you, o seducer of my heart,
said he.
Now, replied the friend, since you are I, enter o my self.
There is no room for two “I”s in this home…

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