Morya on the Mother of the World

Morya, one of the three who comprise the head of the Planetary Brotherhood of Light, gave a series of teachings through Helena Roerich from 1918 up until 1938, in which he speaks extensively about the coming of the marvelous time on Earth, for which all light workers are working. He also refers to the dawning era of the Mother, and to the relationship of the Planetary Brotherhood to the Mother. We have collected a few of these references and present them below.


Throughout the Universe is found the worthy Garment.
Joy quivers, and vibrates, and resounds.
In this Garment of Joy you will ascend the steps.
This garment will enfold your body.
They are rending the Raiment of the Lord.
They scoff at its tatters.
But the daughter of the world and the Mother of the Universe will mend the pieces of this Raiment.
And you will come ready to receive your vestment.
For, wherefore the power and wherefore the sacrifice, if there be no joy?
And where is compassion,
And where is devotion,
And where is the love of creation,
If your shoulders are not bedecked with the Raiment of the Mother of the World?1

(…) when each one understands
that the spirit’s way is simple,
and brings the call of the Mother of the World,
then each one will find the Gates open.
(…) The call of the Mother will show the Gates
whereby it is already time to enter.2

The Great Epoch is beginning,
because the spirit understanding
is linked with the Mother of the World.
(…) The approach of this very great Epoch
is important;
it will substantially change the life of the Earth.
A Great Epoch!3

Upon the highest summit
the Mother of the World stands effulgent.
She came forth to defeat the darkness.
Why are the enemies fallen?
And whither do they turn their eyes in despair?
She has cloaked Herself in a fiery veil
and encircled Herself in a wall of fire.
She is our citadel and our inspiration.4

But the Blessed Mother
arises at dawn in order to gather
these scattered parts
of the one Being.
The Mother of the World attracts the attention of nations
and awaits the Star of the Morning.5

I advise
that the Name of the Mother of the World
be pronounced
not as a symbol
but as a power-giver.
I advise
that the Source of Infinity
be invoked
not as a symbol
but as a manifestation of Eternity,
as an eternal Generator of beauty
and the Creator of the firmament.
The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World
is all-pervading.
Verily, all is imbued with it.
From infinitesimal grains of dust
to immeasurable magnitudes,
life moves and breathes by this Breath.
How then not to cognize
the power which moves the Universe!
How not to ponder upon the essence of Being!6

Illumined by the radiance
of the Mother of the World,
our physical existence is seen to be
but a grain of sand.7

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