Small introduction – Part four: Likeness

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By S.F.


And lo, Simon of Cyrene returned in the Greek land as Dionysios Dorizas. In 1963 he entered the precursory steps in the path towards becoming the Human-Logos and merged with Elias-Ioannis, until in 1981 the Word sounded within and through him and his fiery pulse started to be shed on the planet.

The Human-Logos appeared as a simple human of this society. He recapped for a few years the steps which had brought him to this point – this was needed to train the people around him, but also to imprint the steps to the collective consciousness. He then received the spiritual name of Teacher Ioannis.

Given that Christ had forbade everyone to be called a teacher, the only one who has the right to be called thus is the Human-Logos, because he is one with Christ. So, Teacher Ioannis means: the one who in absolute unity with the Word (therefore Teacher) is the grace of God (Ioannis).

Having collected within him the lives of all parts of the Human Being, the divine plan meant for him to spread his presence – the presence of our deified united Self – inside every human on the planet; he was, therefore, the one who had the capacity and authority to act upon human souls from within them, being one with them. Ioannis wasn’t, therefore, one more inspired or enlightened person, a great Teacher, an Avatar or a Mystic.

Ioannis started to train the people around him in the same path of christofication and unity with everything, and in the active presence of the Logos within them. Ioannis activated within people the grace that comes from direct union with God, and expressed that fully. He used to call people “my brother/sister Logos”, he intervened massively in human and global affairs through a never-before seen active prayer and theurgy, which he initiated in this world and taught to the Work’s students, and set the foundation for the restoration of everything and the transformation of human society, having conducted the two basic restorations: in the relationship of humans with other humans, and of humans with God.

The Earth was flooded with the energy he diffused, with grace and mercy, and was covered by his fiery blessings. The Word was acting and teaching as one with the Human Being. His presence in Ioannis was tangible. It was his Second Coming.

It is true that the Second Coming had already been experienced by the disciples and apostles of the First Coming, by those who loved Christ and Mary, and truly offered themselves for the benefit of others. But now it gained a new dimension through the accomplishment of likeness with God through Ioannis.

The presence of the Logos-Christ inside humans now also included the possibility to be expressed actively from humans and to become like Christ, as John the Evangelist put it: “when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John, 3:2).

Enriched thus, the Second Coming started from Ioannis and is being spread to everyone on this planet who can overcome and offer themselves for humanity in any way. The diffusion of Ioannis inside us all is the foundation of the Second Coming; it offers to everyone as a gift the capacity to also reach likeness with God.

As great as the period needed for this likeness to rise within human souls may be, as many calamities as humanity may accumulate on itself through its false choices and the insistence to separation, the beginning has started and the end is preordained. Because Ioannis declared he will be with us, until the last soul finds its way.

Towards our real Self, the Logos Son-Mother.

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