(to those who wish to see their life as a struggle for humanism)

In times when the planet suffocates, its beauty threatened in myriad ways by those who perceive its great green lungs as an obstacle to their interests, and the cleanliness of the air we breathe as an unnecessary luxury compared to their profits;

by those who shock its bowels who nuclear tests and who bury their nuclear waste in its soils, by those who pay the mafia to throw them at sea, next to occupied, unsuspecting islands; by those who pollute the rivers and the seas with their toxic waste and those who let the oceans slowly perish under mountains of plastic waste;

in such times, that undermine the future of the planet, which burdened with human hubris reacts convulsively – where are the fighters of the fiery spirit?

In times when humanity pays with daily hecatombs this hubris, when it loses the earth under its feet by the uncontrollable march of impoverishment, when fear and confusion are increasing the darkening of consciousness, when thinking is being replaced by conspiracy theories and politicians act based on their own party interests, when public health collapses while the private health sector is increasing its profits;

in times when the values of humanism are in retreat and fading, when young people are unable to secure a dignified job, a place under the sun; in times when the dynamic movements, that in times past were defending peoples and values, have lost contact with the masses – where are the fighters of the fiery spirit?

Where are those who want to defend humanity and the planet by attracting the fiery energies from up high that constantly seek to be grounded? Is the divine indifferent to humans? Or are the divine fires less effective than visualization meditation, self-concentration and mantras?

This is not the time for self-serving attempts of individual development; this is not the time for people to spend their vital energy on details about the chakras, the spiritual planes and sub-planes, and in attempts to activate the kundalini; it is not the time for autistic meditation and hunting for nirvana, it is the time to manifest the spirit – and the spirit is fire!

Why this preoccupation with the improvement of one’s own self, that has entangled such a great part of honest seekers? Where reimbursement is requested, the spirit falls into slumber – does this actually need arguments?

So many people, whose hearts are touched for humanity and want to do something, are paying from their meager incomes to evolve spiritually!

In the best case, they are fed nothing but crumbs, when the divine fire seeks its manifestation from within them; in the worse case, they are hypnotized by promises for immediate evolution and enlightenment, in “schools” that have brought the whole of marketing in the space of “metaphysics” and have turned it into yet another place for business…

All sorts of “teachers” who magnetize those more naive or well-intentioned are now crammed into this space, yet someone four-and-a-half centuries before Christ was saying “one thing I know, that I know nothing”; has he been recorded in History as a great human in vain? We are so full of information, but what does this have to do with knowledge?

Spiritual knowledge stems from spiritual action, all else is simply information. And spiritual action is to turn to the divine, from which we came and of which we are children. To draw from the fiery grace and love of God in group formations, that multiply indefinitely the potential, in order to burn and transmute the dark energies being emanated from our humanity-self through its negative thoughts, actions and emotions.

The planet is encircled by these emanations that obstruct the light, and the light is seeking conduits to pass through, but many who would be great conduits are sitting cross-legged indolently and are preoccupied with their own personal calmness at the same time when humanity is burning!

It is time for the great exodus from this hypnosis. We do not need complacent “teachers” who call themselves authorities, God fully suffices! God teaches, and the god in us, united with the God found everywhere, can shed a piercing fire that not only can shake the concentrations of negativity, but can even transmute it and incorporate it into light.

This fire can likewise shake the consciousnesses of those who cause so much suffering with their desire for wealth and authority, and can cause cracks from which ideas, emotions and experiences of love and unity can enter, those offered to them consciously by workers of light who surrender their own evolution for the evolution of others. For we see no enemies in those who cause suffering; we see only our brothers and sisters, our own self that needs to mature.

How much time does a dedicated person need to be taught the union with God and to be trained in handling the fiery energies of this union? The current speeds are dizzying, and everyone who wishes to assume responsibility, in this critical phase of human History, when the future assumes evermore the form of an uncontrollable, constant menace, will enter fast into the struggle.

We welcome those who care about humanity, who have love in their hearts and wish to learn how to handle the spiritual arms. Truly, when humanity’s evolution is set as priority, individual development follows, and the fiery grace that flows creates fighters of the fiery spirit!

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